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Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions about Leisure Parks Luxury Living park homes

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• There are offices at Hayes and Yarwell Country parks which are open office hours 7 days a week, all year round with a small shop to supply your basic requirements.

• CCTV is in operation on the park at all times for your safety. The parks either have gates with number plate recognition or a manned gate house. For more details on the country park of your choice please contact our Park Home team on below.

• It depends on the size of the plot however we do have plots big enough for garages and sheds.
• All park homes have a driveway for 2 cars.
• Each park home comes with a fully landscaped garden area with a full brick skirt surround and brick steps.
• The park homes use propane gas and are supplied with electricity and water. To find out about the utility bills for the park of your choice please contact our Park Home team below.
• The ground rent increases in line with the current rate of inflation. If you would like more information please contact our Park Home team below.
• Yes, we are pet friendly!
• We understand the needs of those with disabilities. Should you require hand rails, ramps or any other access equipment for your new home we are happy to provide what is needed. To find out more about disability access on the park of your choice please contact our Park Home team below.

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